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wow i'm good at not procrastinating, hahaha i'm posting this like a week after graduation

Last friday i was driving to casey's and I heard the Vitamin C song on the radio and I started to cry. I don't think i'll miss high school though. I'm so ready to move on.

Anyway, i decided to be like everyone else on my friends page and make a list of memories from the past 4 years, so here you go:


** Annie Get Your Gun, and Bridget and Briana's song "there's no business like ho business"
** Anna!!! We met freshman year and became inseparable. We were both cheerleaders and we coordinated our outfits, read the same books (including the dictionary haha), bought the same violin case, and spent all our free time stalking "Yoshi" and "Darth Vader". hahahhahaha.
** McFakeHair!!! How could anyone forget our sweaty, toupee-wearing, perverted ex-orchestra teacher, who was later fired and sent to prison as one of the world's leading child pornographers...
** Shawn Martin, aka Madonna, complete with boobs, a tube top, and a miniskirt.
** Nicole Overturf, aka Romeo, complete with a sock stuffed down her pants.


** Breaking my toe on my exercise machine. My mom sewed pink leopard-print fabric onto my crutches to make me feel better.
** "the mine game" It was a game Anna and Casey and I made up, whenever someone said "mine" they had to drop and do 10 push-ups immediately--during math class, in the hall at lunch, outside the castle at Disneyland...
** My stalker. I don't think I'd ever talked to him before, but he knew my whole schedule, bought me a dozen long-stemmed red roses on my birthday, and tried to follow me home from school like 3 times.
** Drivers Ed!! Rosanne and I showed Mr Talley how to flirt with boys at coffee shops to score free stuff. And I sort of fell asleep at the wheel and almost drove off a cliff on Mt Hood.
** Ryan Perry telling me every day that he loved me. until senior year when I finally went out with him and, well, i'm not talking about that anymore.


** All-state. Yeah, the hilton...nathan...and that is all.
** the Black Market of Chapter Questions. Usually 90% of our college us history class turned in the exact same assignment.
** College Bio, when I was lying on the table and Chris Moser paid Nick Cannucci a dollar to push me into the garbage can. And going "to the library" every day with chris, nick, and casey. AKA going out for lunch and playing tennis.
** Jack!! My friends thought he was the weirdest guy ever, and he was. On our second date he bought me a CD and a necklace and said "All my past relationships have been like practice tests to me, and you're the final exam."
** getting asked to 3 proms. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.


** summer!!! Carnegie Hall, the PYP tour, and living on my own in New York City while I took classes at Columbia. And riding in an $80,000 Mercedes with a complete stranger...
** Election 2004. Holy shit, I have never hated so many people in my life. I had heated arguments about gay marriage like daily. And I think I cried when bush won. Ugh...but I'm still vying for OBAMA 2008!!!
** The worst day ever. My mom found my livejournal and learned I had sex, drank, smoked, snuck out, got in a stranger's car in new york, etc. :( :(
** The best day ever. When I was dating Brian and we went to saturday market and NW 23rd and powells and then he took me to my pyp concert and carried my viola and kissed me goodbye even though people were watching. I couldn't stop smiling for like a week afterwards!
** my birthday...thanks for the condoms, girls. haha I still haven't lived that down. actually, heather and rachel and I turned them into water balloons.
** All-St8 & All-NW. Like when Travis tried to jump out of my car while i was driving 20 mph. And Kenny my bff!!! ohhhh myyy daaarrrrlin.... i hunger for yoouuuuuuuur touch... :) And Tricia & i almost got kicked out. hehe good times!!
** my speeding ticket. I should have remembered to look at my "speed thingy".
** WHEN I GOT THE FUCK INTO MIT!!!!!!!!! Ok I changed my mind, that was actually the best day of my life.

And now here are some pictures from the past week. I never bring a camera anywhere, so most of these are just what I bummed off of other people, which is mostly the reason it took me so long to post this.

If the sign in the cafeteria says it, it must be true...
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Sarah, Irene, Jon, Acissej, Brad, David, ME, Casey, Bryna, Doug, Kim, Jeff, Austin, some dude's ear. I don't remember what this award was.
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My exact words: "This is the worst card ever, there's no money in it!"
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we tried to kidnap the mormon kids and take them to Hooters after grad practice, but they whined so much we agreed to go to old chicago instead.
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the shoes I wore to graduation. a bunch of people were like "wow, morgan. you're the only person who could pull that off."
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...and you can see my shoes in this picture! AWESOME.
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Me and Anna after graduation. best friends forever! she's going to George Fox next year.
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rosy, me, elma and tanya after graduation.
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sandwiched between jeff & cody. Yeah, i am a pimp.
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Save a horse, ride a cowgirl! I was kicking the bull's ass until I did a flip off the front and landed on my head and everyone thought I was dead.
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hands down the hottest one of my sister and me. can't you see the resemblence?
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AP ENGLISH!!!!! Emily, Casey, Anna, Jon, Mary Lynne, Adeline, Bryna, Mr Baker (behind), Kent, Melissa, Ezra, ME (with ezra's head between my thighs hahaha), Adina, Dory, Tim, Charles. GAH I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!! :*
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