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Finally, an event in my life worthy of a livejournal update

Here's a cool idea: sign up for the Gallon Challenge at your dorm!! As one of our friends put it, "I know 400-pound guys who can't do this...and you're, like, 40-pound girls, what are you thinking?!"

So of course my roommate Katie and I signed up just to prove everyone wrong. COOL IDEA.

Look how confident we were before we started.

Jason (left) was confident too, but he was ultimately able to down the whole gallon. Unlike us girls.

This may just become my new facebook picture soon:

This guy had the right idea.

After like 15 minutes we were like "OH GOD MAKE IT STOP."

Our friend Lindsay and our 3rd roommate, Kaitlyn. Look how happy they are. They don't have to drink a whole gallon of milk.

Our buddy Jason finished the gallon. He celebrated for about 30 seconds before he puked the whole gallon back up.

And there you go. Proof that girls can (almost) drink like men. Except that Katie and I both quit after like 1/3 of a gallon. Sorry about the lack of disgusting milk-barfing pictures, but I don't like yucky stuff.

In other news, I'm spending Thanksgiving with my roommate Kaitlyn who lives in Boston, and then we're road-tripping down to New York to go shopping and see Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway and hang out with our other roommate Katie. I'm really stoked even though I miss everybody back home. Boston's great, but it's just.......not Portland. I come home for Christmas in a month though! A longer/more emo friends-only post will probably be coming soon, if I ever find time to write a real update.
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