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Ok guys. Right now I am so so SOOOO excited because I had the most exciting day ever and I literally cannot wait to tell everyone on livejournal all about it.

Today the weather in Boston was I decided to go for a run outside instead of in the gym. (I loooooove running outside). Anyway, I ran the same loop I always do, which is like 3 miles, and I was almost finished with my run (literally I was a block away from home) when there was this crosswalk, in front of a freeway exit and the cars have a stop sign. So I get to this crosswalk and I stop and look, and there's a car slowing down to stop at the stop sign. Because when you have a stop sign behind a crosswalk and there are zillions of pedestrians out, you stop.... duh. So then I happily start walking across the crosswalk. But instead of stopping, the guy suddenly speeds up and goes right through the stop sign and I GOT HIT BY A CAR!!!!!

Now when I say I was hit by a "car", I'm using the word very liberally. Really a more accurate description would be "gigantic van". To give you an idea.... when I got hit, I was eye-to-eye with the grill of this thing. And I'm 5'4"!! So this was not like being hit by a little sports car, this was like being hit by a giant moving metal wall. According to witnesses, I was thrown about 8 feet and landed on my head. (It would have been kind of fun, actually, if it weren't for the fact that I thought I was about to die).

So guess what happened next!!! Ok, I probably kinda spoiled the surprise because I'm writing a livejournal post right now so obviously you can tell I didn't die or go into a coma or anything. But after getting hit by a car, being thrown 8 feet, and landing on my head on the concrete, I just kinda got up and was like, "oh wow, my head hurts" and went to go sit on the curb.

Then a lot of people came over to help me and everyone was asking me my name and if I was ok and telling me it wasn't my fault and all this stuff. And then a whole bunch of police cars came, and then an ambulence came, and they strapped me into the little bed thingy and put a neck brace on me and I GOT TO RIDE IN AN AMBULENCE!!!! It was the coolest thing ever. When you're inside it, you barely hear the sirens at all, it's crazy. I don't know how they soundproof it so well. Also, this awesome lady was running behind me and saw the whole thing happen and described it all to the police, so then I invited her to come with me in the ambulence. I chatted with her and the ambulence people the whole time we were driving to the ER and one of the ambulence guys was like, "wow are you sure you're okay? Whats 1,002 times 47?? Ha, ha, just kidding, don't answer that". But I said, "Dude... I go to MIT.... it's 47,094". Hahahahaha I am so awesome.

Anyway, we got to the hospital and they took me to the actual ER, like where the really important people go. Like, people could have totally been dying in the room next to me (actually, I could hear those heart monitor beeping things everywhere, and I heard one of them go flat for a long time so somebody might have seriously died). That freaked me out a little but it was also kind of an exciting adventure. My new friend who had been jogging behind me stayed with me, and we talked for a really long time and she is really, really, really awesome. Also, it turns out she works at JPMorgan and when she found out I'm a management major at MIT, she said she could probably get me an internship at JPMorgan. YES YOU READ CORRECTLY. I get hit by a car, and then what happens? Oh, right, I get my dream internship offered to me. God I love my life. And she gave me her number and said to call her if I need anything at all, so I called her right away afterwards to thank her and we're probably going out for coffee sometime soon because we had so much fun talking in the ER.

Well, they finally made my new friend leave because they had to check out my entire body to make sure I didn't have a broken neck or anything (I had been strapped down and wearing a neck brace for like an hour at this point). They were amazed because they said my neck and my back were totally fine, and I had a bump on my head but it wasn't a concussion. They also had to check to see if I was bleeding internally, and guess how they did that? WITH AN ULTRASOUND!!!!!! So I got to have an ultrasound done and I could see my heart beating and all my internal organs and everything, and it was one of the coolest things I've ever seen in my life.

Then I spent another long period of time sitting around in my hospital bed, but the doctors were all really cool and I think they liked me because I was so cheerful and friendly to them despite having just been hit by a car. So all the doctors kept coming into my room to say hi to me, and one doctor came in with one of those machines that breathes for you when you're unconscious, and she said "don't worry--this isn't for you!" Except I had no idea what the thing was, so I asked her to show me, and she spent like 10 minutes showing me what it is and how it works. It was so awesome!!! She was like, "It's so nice to have an ER patient who can talk to me and be in a good mood--all of mine are always unconscious!" Also, some other doctors came in and showed me how the blood pressure things work, and it was all so exciting. I feel like I know so much about medical equipment now!! Everyone kept asking me what I was in for and when I said I was hit by a car, they would look so shocked and say they've never seen anyone in such good condition after being hit by a car. Plus some of the doctors were young, attractive men so it was fun hanging out with them :)

I also had a bruise on my hip, my elbow, and my knee, and 3 minor cuts on my hand so then I had to go get x-rays done. In the end, they decided only to x-ray my hand because everything else seemed ok. But nothing was broken, and the cuts were small enough that I didn't even need stitches so they let me go. Well, actually, they let me go use their computers for facebook so I could get my friend's number to have her come pick me up (since I was running I didn't have my phone, ID, or any money on me!).

Anyway, I'm super glad I'm not dead, and I'm even more glad that I have NO injuries. I SERIOUSLY could have died, and instead I have a couple of bruises, cuts, and a bump on my head. And NOT EVEN A CONCUSSION.... after flying 8 feet and landing on my head, I do not even have a concussion. I'm not even on any medication except Tylenol...they prescribed Valium but I really don't think I'm gonna have any need for it. They also told me not to be alone for the next 24 hours just in case I somehow get worse, so if you live in Boston and want to hang out with me tonight, feel free to come visit :)

But just to recap in case you are too lazy to read my entire post--I was hit by a giant van, thrown 8 feet, and landed on my head on the concrete... and here is the full list of my injuries:
-Bump on my head (NOT a concussion)
-Bruised knee, hip, and elbow (NO broken bones)
-3 cuts on my left hand (NO stitches)


I feel like I'm going to die soon in some really boring, unexciting way because I've miraculously survived waaayyyy too many near-death experiences..... I should TOTALLY be dead by now.
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Wow you're amazingly lucky. Good read.
I'm just glad you're okay! Wow, how scary for you.

Man, don't buy a lottery ticket anytime for the next, like, 50 years. You've already used up all your good luck. :)
Remember, a signed book for me.

And oh yeah, Bridgeport!!

Deleted comment

Well, since I have tons of witnesses saying it's his fault, he definitely has to pay for everything (which is really cool because ultrasounds and xrays are literally thousands of dollars). I didn't get his information, obviously, because I had a bunch of ambulence guys strapping me onto a stretcher, but there were a whole bunch of cops and they got his info, so I'm just supposed to go to the police office and fill out a police report to make him pay my hospital bill.

I think I'm also going to speak with a lawyer and see if I have any hope of a lawsuit against the guy, but I'm assuming the chances of that would be pretty slim since I'm in decent condition right now.
I'm so happy you're ok! And that you have a positive outlook on the whole thing...a really positive outlook. Question: will you be in boston this summer?
Thanks! I'm not sure yet if I'll be in Boston... I'll let you know once I figure it out though. I kind of really want to go back to Portland because I miss it so much, but I don't really know my options there... plus after my ordeal there's a chance I might end up with an internship at JPMorgan in Boston :) Why? Are you thinking of coming to Boston??
Yeah I'm visiting New Hampshire this summer and I was going to go down to boston to check out your school and a couple others for grad schools.
I'm really glad you're fine. :)
Thank you for making me smile on an otherwise shitty day.


(this message is still pretty ambiguous)
hahah liam hahaha

Anyway, that was an awesome story. Grats on internship I hope!
that is the most gangster thing I've ever heard. The only way it would be cooler is if there was a stabbing involved somewhere. I wish I could tell people I got hit by a car. I wonder if I told this story like it happened to me if it would be lying, since we're both named Morgan and everything.
hahaha I was seriously just thinking we've probably had similar experiences cause I remember you were in a car accident a couple years ago, and you got to go get strapped onto a board and go to the hospital in an ambulence and all that fun stuff too... not many people can say they've been through that anyway...
My head hurts just thinking that, I'm glad you're alive...and that facebook helped along the line haha

Mmm cute young doctors